Dead bodies at US southern border, dead bodies in trailers,
Drowned bodies wash up on shores of the Rio Grande River.
A Democratic President would not deny food, diapers, and toiletries,
To Children and Infants housed in Concentration Camps.
Damn the Democrats for losing the Presidency to Trump.

Oscar Alberto Martínez and Angie Valeria would not
Have died in a death grip in the Rio Grande River.
A death embrace, life-like as a life father and child,
Enjoying a tender moment of shared love and affection.
Damn the Democrat for losing the Presidency of the United States.

Image of Oscar and Angie in a loving death grip
Failed to move President Donald Trump and his border officials.
Trump tweets, calling for tougher policies and more deaths,
By suffocation in trailers, freight cars, drowning, or death in concentration camps.
Damn the Democrats for not controlling Congress.

Trump cuts assistance to Central America, increasing exodus
From Poverty and the menace of death squads fueled by
The immense American appetite for drugs and money.
Trumpian xenophobic policies worsening exodus from Central America.
Damn the Democrats for ceding control of the White House to Trump.

Seeking asylum under Trump equivalent to the lottery
Odds of winning are low, but winners enjoy instant riches.
Escape the odds of death and incarceration, and lift your
Entire family out of poverty, while escaping violence.
Damn the Democrats for Trump’s Executive Orders creating concentration camps.

Since a border wall will not deter asylum seekers from Central America
Maybe, drowning in the Rio Grande River will stop them or
Armed Vigilante groups empowered by Trump’s Executive Orders will finally
End asylum-seeking in America by traumatized Central Americans
Damn the Democrats if they do not regain the Presidency and Congress in 2020.

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