Europeans used Religion to enslave, pillage, and rape Africa and Africans.
Arabs used Religion to enslave, pillage, and rape Africa and Africans.

As Europeans are abandoning Religion, Africa is exporting Religion to Europe, Asia, and America.
As Arabs are abandoning Religion, Africans are flocking to Mecca in droves to donate unneeded money to oil-rich Saudi Arabia.
Money that could have developed Africa for the benefit of Africans.

Europeans introduced roads to Africa, African roads are still death traps.
European introduced schools to Africa, African schools still not up to world standards.
Europeans introduced pipe-borne water to Africa.
Africans have replaced pipe-borne water with well-borne and bucket-borne water.
Europeans introduced telephones to Africa and Africans replaced them with string and tin can communications.

Africa exports Religion to gullible Diasporan Africans in Europe, Americas, and Asia.
No dead or living native European, American, or Asian attends these exported new-fangled African Diaspora Pentecostal Churches.
Not content with tithing in Africa, African Pastors exporting their brand of Christianity to divert the huge remittances sent to Africa by Diasporan Africans into private pockets – Pastors – thereby further impoverishing Africa and Africans.

Next phase of the African Religious Cycle will see Diasporan Africans, exporting Westernized African Pentecostal Churches back to Africa to complete the Religious Cycle.
African genetic gullibility to Religion and Superstition is legendary and cuts across all spheres of African life.
African Christians and Muslims still believe in sorcery and consult witch doctors at night.
Similarly, Africans genetic susceptibility to slavery have seen the Chinese replace the Arabs and Europeans as the new African Slave Masters.

The aversion of Islam to foreign influences and the innate racism and hatism of Arabs towards Blacks means that there is no significant African population in Arabia, North Africa, and the Middle East to exploit by African Imams.
Africans in the Arabian peninsula and North Africa are modern day Slaves being exploited by Arabs and Islam.
Show me an African millionaire in Arabia and North Africa and I will show you a native European Pastor of an Diasporan African Pentecostal Church, or a Diasporan Pentecostal Church chock full of Native Europeans.
The Europeans used Religion to exploit Africans and taught Africa how to use Religion to exploit Africans.


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