Once “extinct” diseases back by
Popular demand fueled by populism
Populism fueled by anti-establishment
Anti-science and sometimes ignorance
Populism draws on human gullibility
Populism, anti-immigration, and Nationalism
Championed by Anti-humanistic Politico
On the far-left* of the political spectrum
Upsetting the hitherto political equilibrium
In the Americas, Asia, and Europe
Add their baggage of anti-climate deniers
And the future is indeed bleak
Edward Jenner** will be astounded.

As populism rose in France
So measles explode in France
Popular comedian elected in Ukraine
League of infectious diseases counters
By electing measles as representative in Ukraine
Populist Trump elected in America
Measles returns to make Americans
Greater and stronger by natural immunity
Populist grab political power in
Italy and measles grabs the center stage
Populism means discarding vaccines
Populism means natural immunity by
Infection better than acquired immunity.

By preventing and rejecting immunizations
Populism see immunizations as agents
Introduced by the Bourgeoisie to harm
The poor and children of the poor
Vaccines seen as diabolical constructs of
Elite right-leaning*** scientists designed to
Ravage the population with Autism
Assuming vaccines cause autism
Which is a proven falsehood or crap,
Did you prefer an autistic child or adult to
A dead or severely damaged child or adult?
Autism, not a death sentence but
Measles may be a death sentence.

Populists alive because of herd immunity
Herd immunity made possible by immunization
By increasing life expectancies,
Child populists became adult populists
As child and adult populists are
Decimated by killer diseases, populists
Are hastening their decline by infectious diseases?
Non-populists urged to get immunized and
Replace populists as their population is decimated
The love fest between populism and non-populists
May turn out to be a blessing in disguise
As populists are picked off by preventable diseases
The world becomes more accommodating.

*Old right
**Father of immunization
***Old left

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