June 18, 2019.

President Rodrigo Duterte
Magalapang Palace
One Prison Road
Manila, Philippines.

Dear President Duterte,

On behalf of myself and the entire United Nations, we wish to congratulate you on lowering the adult age in the Philippines to 12 years.
We wish other countries will emulate your bold and courageous move.

Since teenagers can be tried as adults in the Philippines, we urge you to extend the right to vote and be voted for, marriage rights, smoking and drinking rights to twelve-year olds.

With adult politicians the world over behaving as teenagers, the time is ripe to cede governance to teenagers.

Behaving as a teenager by a teenager, more preferable to acting as a teenager by adult politicians.

I am preparing a U.N. Resolution, recommending the worldwide adoption of the Filipino standard.

Once again, congratulations and please do not stop personally executing drug users, dealers, and pushers.

The only way to end the current drug scourge in the Philippines, is to summarily execute anyone connected with illicit drug use including your relatives.

Antonio Gutierrez
Secretary General, U.N.
One Toothless Bulldog Road
New York, NY 10011.

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