Gullible persons and their ilk,
Never question any internet post
No matter how outlandish, or unreasonable.

For the Gullible on the Internet,
Nothing is impossible, or improbable, and
Everything is possible especially by praying.

Gullibles forward every received post, to
Everyone on their contact list without
Reading, rumination, or reflection.

Annotating posts, anathema to the
Gullibles, especially Religionists, and Sycophants.
Religionists and Political Sycophants are most gullible.

Any Post reflecting their religious, political,
Racial, tribal, ethnic, or world view,
Is immutable, uplifting, and revealing.

The politically and religiously gullible,
Constitute a danger to world peace,
Religious and political tolerance, and harmony.

Gullibles never write or comment.
Thumbs, fingers, and other emojis
Freely employed to reinforce their gullibility.

Thumbs up or thumbs down,
Smiling or sad faces are used, to
Signify agreement or disagreement

Gullibles allergic to clicking on links.
Videos and audios, preferred delivery
Platforms for Gullibles, reading is too tedious.

Political gullibility, worst form of
Gullibility that wrecks nations,
Civilizations, and soon the entire world.

Culture of silence on social media,
Encouraging and extending gullibility, to
Non-gullibles by association.

Social media has become the preferred
Method of disseminating gullibility by Pastors, Imams,
Rabbis, Fascists, Terrorists, and Despots.

Add Politicians, Confidence Tricksters, and
The Mischievously Malignant Misanthropes
And the danger becomes ominously destabilizing.

Propagating propaganda, malice, and misinformation
Is the social vice of the Internet.
Tame gullibility, or gullibility shall consume us.

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