As the rest of the world discusses
Satellites, spacecraft, connectivity,
Global warming, climate change,
Social justice, and real democracy,
Nigerians are discussing God, Devil,
Voodoo, Praying, Tithing, Fasting, Tongue Talking, and Sowing “Seed.”.

Not sowing real seedlings, or seeding
New technologies, and industries,
But sowing one Naira in a church
Collection basket, and reaping off
One million Naira in a few months,
By miraculous divine intervention.
Meanwhile, pastors are laughing to the bank.

Yet to see a nation developed by
Voodoo, Praying, Tithing, Fasting, Tongue Talking and Sowing “Seed.
It ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.
Nations or countries are developed
By people acting, not by miracles.
Have wrong priorities reap wrong results.

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