Gullibility is an English word,
Meaning, gullibility not invented
In, or, by Africans or Blacks.
While the gullible in other races
Are children, elderly, and the
Developmentally disabled, most
Gullible Blacks are “educated,”
Mature, and developmentally appropriate.

Blacks, very susceptible to
Political, financial, and social
Gullibility, and subsequent manipulation.
No level of education is spared
By Black gullibility, and manipulation.
Is Black gullibility genetic?
Unfortunately, the answer is Yes,
Given the higher prevalence in Blacks.

Black gullibility enabled the
Slave trade, and enslavement.
Black gullibility nurtured colonialism.
Black gullibility sustains neocolonialism.
Black gullibility facilitates the
Continued rape, and exploitation of
Africa and her abundant resources.
Gullibility is anti-development, and anti-emancipation.

Gullibility enthrones, and perpetuates
Dictators and murderous Tyrants in Africa.
Once installed, these misanthropes
Self-perpetuate, and destroy lives,
Economies, and future of their nations.
Black gullibility tied to Black disdain
For exploration, discovery, and reading.

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