Nigeria’s doppelgänger President, cedes governance,
To Fulani Army Chief of Staff, Tukur Buratai,
A Lieutenant General, in a snub of Chief of Defense Staff,
General Abayomi Olonosakin, a Yoruba and
Most Senior Nigerian Military Officer on paper.
Tukur Buratai makes political statements, and
Issues threats, left, right, and center and
Has become a threat to Nigeria’s existence.
Nigeria, a country of incongruities.

Nigerian Army is now Nigerian Police.
Daily Trust Offices vandalized by soldiers,
For publishing secret military plans,
If a newspaper has “secret” military plans,
Boko Haram and Al Qaeda Haram also have them.
Military compromised after Muhammadu, and
Now, Jubrin Buhari tries and releases,
Terrorists in secret, and released Terrorists,
Join the military as fifth columnists.

Tukur Buratai, please send roses to
Daily Trust Newspaper for averting the loss,
Of more military lives and equipment.
Coming, on the heels of the decimation
Of your Army, in Metele and Baga, by
The better armed ragtag Terrorist Soldiers.
Better armed with billions of ransom money,
Paid by the APC Buhari-Tinubu Government.
Nigeria, a country of incongruities.

Nigerian Policemen being drafted to
Fight Terrorists in the NorthEast Region,
As Nigerian Soldiers are doing the Python Dance,
In the peaceful parts of the Nation.
Nigerian Soldiers, doing police duties,
Arresting and harassing Journalists,
As Nigerian Policemen do soldierly duties,
Fighting Terrorists in the NorthEast Region.
Nigeria, a country of incongruities.

Now, how does a landlocked Terrorist Group,
Get its munitions and supplies through,
Secure borders guarded by Armed Pythons?
Is this terrorist war, an excuse for stealing,
Public funds by military top brass?
Yeah, let the Terrorists get some weapons,
To prolong the conflict and we keep fleecing,
The resources meant for development.
Nigeria, a country of incongruities.

Daily Trust, thanks for averting another,
Massacre of Nigeria’s ill-equipped, ill-housed,
Ill-motivated, and demoralized Soldiers.
Another massacre that would have been,
Used to further draw down the *EAC,
For campaigning and other nefarious activities.
Nigeria needs more Daily Trusts, and
The newspaper deserves a journalistic award.
Nigeria, a country of incongruities.

*EAC – Excess Crude Acccount.

You won’t achieve your aim in my lifetime, Buratai tells Biafra agitators


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