Igbo elites are Igbos,
Who sacrifice their wealth,
Their families and sinecures,
Their lives and future,
For the Igbo cause, and
Igbo emancipation, without
Any questions, or reservations.

They are not President of Nigeria,
Vice President of Nigeria, Governors,
Senators, Businessmen, Businesswomen,
Politicians, Ezes, Igwes, Alhajis,
Sirs, Drs, High Chiefs, Middle Chiefs,
Low Chiefs, Professors, 419ers,
And other Igbo Charlatans.

These are the Igbo elites.
The Leaders of the Aba Women’s Revolt of 1929,
Nwayereuwa, Nwannedia, Ikonnia, and Nwugo.
The twenty one Enugu Coal Miners,
Assassinated by the British in 1949.
The Youth of MASSOB and IPOB,
Who died fighting for Igbo freedom.

Germany fought two World Wars,
To gain World respect,
Acceptance and acknowledgment.
Igbos may have to fight,
Another Biafra-Nigeria War,
To gain the respect, acknowledgment,
And acceptance of Nigeria and Nigerians.

No pain, no gain goes the saying.
Postponing the inevitable revolt,
Only prolongs the suffering of Igbos.
The elite Igbo truck pushers of Aba,
The elite Palm wine tappers of Udi,
The elite Traders of Onitsha, and
The elite farmers of Abakiliki, wake up.

Rise, mobilize, and lead the fight,
That will emancipate Igbos from MMM.
All that is needed is an Elite General,
To galvanize you into civil action.
The current Igbo Elites are Jobbers,
Sycophants and Emergency Alhajis,
Whose only interest is securing their sinecures.

MMM – Maltreatment, Marginalization, and Murder.

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