Chimamanda Adichie is always putting her foot in her mouth. Being a successful fiction writer does not make you a Custodian of Igbo Culture. The practice of paying a bride price is similar to paying a stamp duty on a legal document.
Without bride price, customary marriages become null and void.


Why hasn’t Chimamanda condemned the practice of Western males kneeling and begging women to marry them? By kneeling and begging, you have made the woman the boss of the relationship. You cannot un-kneel if the marriage becomes unpalatable, but the woman can return her bride price and dissolve the marriage.

Bride price in Igbo land needs reforms and not abolishment. Africastallestman supports social, legal, economic, cultural, and other equalities between sexes. However, physical equality can never be achieved between sexes meaning that physical labor and procreation will continue to have sexual preferences.

Let the Abolishment Begin!

Abolish the bride price!
Why only the bride price?
Also abolish the groom price.
What of the kneeling price?
Females should do the kneeling,
And request the hand of the male.
Let the Abolishments Begin!

Chimamanda, wait a minute,
Don’t be carried away by
Claims of Western Sexual Equality.
Women voted in Nigeria before the US.
Reform of bride price – Yes.
Abolishment of bride price – No
Let the Abolishment Begin!

When any sex can marry the other,
Without bride price, kneeling, or
Groom price, sexual equality is real.
And women will impregnate men,
While men stay at home,
Raise, and nurture the family.
Let the Abolishment Begin!


  1. She writes well But cannot represent the conscience of the Igbo Culture
    Even if the father took 1kobo as token at her Traditional Marriage, the symbolism is the Message.

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