“Chairman Zheng, we need
A new rail line from Ajama
To Lagama through Orima.”
“President Jagama, you got
Your standard gauge rail line,
Here are our conditions:

Tracks must be laid by
Chinese laborers from China,
Trains must be Chinese,
Rolling stock must be Chinese,
Engineers, drivers, and attendants,
Must be imported from China.

We will run your rail services for
Fifty years with Chinese Personnel,
Living in Chinese-designated towns
And run entirely by Chinese expatriates.
After fifty years of Chinese management,
Ownership reverts to Nagama.

We also need an airport at Ajama.
No problem, here are the conditions:
Must be built with Chinese materials.
Najama Airlines must jettison Boeings,
For C919s and ARJ21s made by COMAC*.
China will run airport for 100 years.

The Chinese Imperialists are coming.
Chinese Imperialists take over, and
Manage entire countries with Chinese labor.
Chinese becomes part of the curriculum,
In all Schools and Universities in aided countries.
Dictatocracies favored over Democracies.

You thought that Colonialism was evil,
Until you experience Chinese Colonialism,
Or Chinese Imperialism, if you prefer.
Chinese aid only benefits China.
It boosts export of Chinese goods, labor, language
And technology to recipient countries.

Recipient countries never benefit,
From employment, technology transfer,
Or economic growth, as all profits
Are returned to China. Recipient nations
Becomes vessels for growing the already
Burgeoning Chinese economy, to stratospheric levels.

*Commercial Aircraft Cooperation of China, Ltd.

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