Sequel to RGGC Pastor, Professor, and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo firing Alhaji Lawan Daura, President Buhari’s cousin and Head of the Nigerian SS or DSS, if you prefer; President Buhari has declared open war on Pastor Osinbajo and his Redeemed Christian Church of Greed, sorry God.

By taking on a Buhari relative, Pastor Osinbajo has touched the untouchable. No amount of anointing, blood of Jesus, or Holy Ghost Fire will spare Pastors Osinbajo and Adeboye from a vindictive Buhari’s wrath.

Undercover operatives from the EFCC, CCB, ICPC, UAC, OTC, PWD, and DSS have been dispatched to the 1,000,000 RGGC Churches in Nigeria to uncover illegal tithes or donations from public funds to God or is it, Men?

The Convenant reached between Buhari and Osinbajo has been breached by the Pastor. An incensed Buhari refused to shake Osinbajo’s hand on his return from sick leave in London but instead shook hands with Alhaja Mama Put Kontagora, the Chief Cookess to the Presidency. The un-Islamic handshake was a warning to Osinbajo to guard his loins.

All the collated documentations of illegal tithes or donations will be used as ransom to keep the Osinbajo – Tinubu – Adeboye Axis quiet during the electioneering period.

Africastallestman is watching as these two gladiators square it out.

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