“Today, I pledge to Nigeria, my country,
to promote free, fair and credible election,
devoid of any form of interference
in the activities of INEC, to ensure security
and promote a violence-free election,
devoid of animosity and hate speeches,
to abide by the extant laws governing
political parties and adhere strictly to the
code of conduct of political parties in Nigeria.
So help me God,” – Buhari

Remember this inauguration lie.
‘I belong to everybody, belong to nobody’ – Buhari.
Alhaji, Nigerians are not cows being taken
To the slaughter house by cow herders.
Start by dismantling your Fulanized INEC
Comprised of your blood Fulani relatives.
Defulanize the Nigerian Security Services.
Release all political prisoners especially
Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB and his
Peaceful supporters and sympathizers.

Are you going to use animosity and hate speeches,
As an excuse to kill and incarcerate opponents.
Where in the extant Nigerian Constitution and Laws
Is Islam, the State Religion and Fulanis,
The only tribe fit to fill all important positions,
In Government, Military, Police, Customs,
Industry, Commerce, and Corruption?
The World Bank Assistance was Fulanized.
Corrupt Fulanis are patted on the back
While Others are hounded, harassed, and jailed.

If you are serious, start by obeying court orders,
Applying the Federal and Tribal Character in your
Appointments and Prosecution of Corruption.
Why are you sending soldiers disguised as Pythons
To intimidate, harass, maltreat, and kill Igbos?
Is using the Army as a Police to quell a nonexistent
Civil disturbance in the Constitution or your Extant Laws?
Any Election conducted by a Fulanized, Buharistic,
And Partisan INEC is unacceptable to Nigerians.
Foxes do not guard chicken coops!

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