Are Boko Haram, Al Qaeda Haram, and Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, Sunni, or Shi’a?
They are all Sunni and they continue to destabilize Nigeria through terrorism.
Have Catholics killed the Seventh Day Adventist Members for manipulating
The Holy Bible and claiming that every other Christian is a heretic? No.
An Islamic equivalent of the Jehovah Witnesses would have been wiped out by Sunnis.

If Islam is a peaceful Religion, why is there so much violence amongst its adherents?
Leave the Shi’as alone with their manipulated Quran to practice their beliefs.
They are not converting Sunnis at gunpoint or aggregating into terrorist groups.
The Sunnis are doing the killings in Nigeria, killing Shi’as and Christians.
The Sunnis are killing Shi’as and Christians with the support of the Nigerian State. It is wrong.

Peaceful Religions do not kill non-adherents because of disagreements. It is evil.
If Sunnis can kill Shi’as for disagreeing on the Quran, what of the non-Islamic faiths?
Can this explain why the Sunnis are hell bent on eliminating Christians from Nigeria?
These Islamists disguised as Religious Scholars must learn religious tolerance.
They should study the Sunni Islamic Religion and leave the Shi’as alone. Nigeria is a Secular State.

Sunni unelected Nigerian Military Dictators, Babangida and Buhari are Sunnis.
They dragged Nigeria into Sunni Islamic OIC and D-8, without consultation.
Sunnis, Nigeria is not a Sunni State, not an Islamic State, nor a Voodoo State.
All Religions are equal before the Nigerian Constitution and the Nigerian People.
If God wanted one Religion for all, he could have accomplished it. Secularism must be restored.

Killing members of the same faith because of religious disagreements means that
Nigeria is condemned to perpetual Religious strife and unwarranted bloodshed.
It is time for an Islamic country to be carved out for Professor Alhaji Labdo and his
fellow Islamic Jihadists who are hell bent on turning Nigeria into a killing field.
Boko Haram, Al Qaeda Haram, and Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen are all Sunnis. Shi’as, yet to join terrorists.

Sunnis are the problem in Nigeria and they must be brought to order constitutionally.
Either that or create a Sunni Islamic country so the Sunnis can practice theocracy.
Pronouncements by Sunni Islamic Scholars must not disturb the Religious Peace.
Nigeria must exit the OIC and D-8 or the next Christian Nigerian President will attend
OIC and D-8 meetings with the Bible and insist on Pork for breakfast. What arrant nonsense?

Shi’ites, threat to Nigeria, say Islamic scholars

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