Humor is a good tonic in bad times. It can also dull your senses to reality.
Can Nigerians laugh themselves out of bad governance, economic doom, and crime? No.
But most Nigerians think otherwise.
Which other nation on Earth uses humor to overlook incompetent and murderous governments that are starving (recession) and killing her citizens (Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen, Boko Haram, and Al Qaeda Haram)?
Nigerians use humor to console themselves while their nation burns!
Nigerians need to confront and solve their problems.
Humor not known to have solved National Political Problems anywhere.
However, their genes may be “defective” as the link shows!

While Nigerians voraciously devour humorous created-for-the-internet videos, how many Nigerians follow educational links?
Is it possible that Nigerians also have the genes for poor governance and corruption?

The white race is running a superior race because of knowledge.
The saying that, “If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book,” is still true in 2018.
Any post longer than two minutes is discarded but voodoo videos lasting hours are gleefully watched and re-watched.
What a shame!
Let Nigerians continue glurging* instead of using social media to confront social, political, religious, cultural, and economic issues facing them!


Glurge is a catch-all term for any “inspirational” tale which conceals a much darker meaning than the uplifting moral lessons it purports to offer. (The word “glurge” was initially coined by a reader of and derives from the sound of someone throwing up.)

These stories are meant to be purely sentimental parables, touching hearts and teaching (often Christian) morals. The problem is, they accomplish this by simplifying their message to the point of complete uselessness to any reader who thinks about it seriously. All shades of grey between the black and white of good and evil are wholly overlooked, meaning potentially more valuable lessons about actual hard work, understanding, personal growth and sacrifice are completely ignored in the rush to present a universe in which everything happens for a satisfying reason.

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