Look right, cleavage.
Look left, cleavage.
Look forward, cleavage.
Look backward, cleavage.

Cleavage, cleavage, cleavage.
Juicy enticing cleavage.
Watermelon cleavage.
Dry prune cleavage.

Why show cleavage?
Feel sexy and happy?
Attract men and partners?
Seek attention with cleavage?

Whatever is the reason,
For the cleavage show.
Do remember that men,
Also have cleavage.

It is down under,
In between the testicles.
If females continue to,
Show cleavage in public.

Men may be forced,
To wear cleavage revealing,
Underwear and boxers.
Cleavage is cleavage!

One thought on “THE CLEAVAGE SHOW.

  1. Then that will mean that the madness has gone viral and with out remedy. #Let the show stop now#

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