The Catholic mass is as incomprehensible as the American Indian smoking peyote as a sacrament. One religion will disparage the religious practices of other religions as paganism, heathenism, voodoo or as idolatry. Name-calling must be a religious virtue. Neither the mass nor smoking peyote are described in the Bible or “American Indian Holy Book. Both rituals were contrived by humans to give their adherents a sense of faith.

Why some religions think that their rituals are superior to the rituals of other religions remains mysterious? Maybe that explains the allure of different religions. People who prefer marijuana are Rastafarians, American Indians prefer peyote, Hindus prefer sandalwood incense, and Catholics prefer frankincense.

Religion is a human attempt to explain the environment of which he/she has no control by metaphysical means. Every religion has its own creationist theory, tenets, rituals, values, and explanation of the afterlife. What of those religions without Heavens, Hell, Purgatory, or Limbo? I guess that their adherents continue the suffering in the afterlife.

Usually God “reveals” all the tenets of a religion to one person, always a man. It is unheard of in any religion, for God to appear to a group. When God appears to a group, it is usually in the form of an invisible spirit.

Consequently, the religious male prophet who has been chosen by God in utmost secrecy cannot be challenged, because there are no witnesses. Did God inform the prophets on the preferred rituals or did humans choose rituals?
Those individuals yearning for an explanation of their environments will join the religious bandwagon looking for answers. Questions are usually answered by questions. “Why do 800 million people go to sleep hungry every day?” The religious answer is that it is God’s will and that they will reap their reward in heaven, or who are you to question God, or it is spiritual? When God gave us brains, God fully expected us to use our brains. The brain is meant to explore, question, and refute/rebut.
Therefore, questioning religion is spiritual and God approved.

Religiosity is similar to imprinting and once it is engraved in your brain, it is utterly impossible to erase. Adherents of any religion will ward off any criticism, by claiming that you are either an unbeliever, or that spiritual events, are beyond human comprehension. Why is it impossible to argue with “God” if God gave us freewill? The same people who claim that God gave us freewill, will turn around and claim that God is a dictator. When did God tell them about freewill? If indeed God gave us free will, then those questioning religion are acting within the ambit of free will. They should be left to exercise their free will.

Judgment on the final day should be reserved for God. Religionists should not act as God by pronouncing people guilty of heresy, apostasy, blasphemy, and paganism. If the Religionists deliver all the judgments on Earth, there will be nothing for God to do in the afterlife.

But tell that to the Religionists. It is easier for a dinosaur to pass through the eye of a needle, than for you to win a religious argument over a religionist!

The saga continues and Africastallestman is observing.

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