On arrival:
Wetin you bring for us?
Leave sometin for your people.
Suffer dey hia!
Anytin go do.
Thank you, thank you.

During stay:
Leave dat shirt for us.
Are you going with dat shoe?
What of the watch?
Any money for us.
God go bless you.

On departure:
Leave dat change for us.
You still need dat phone?
Anytin for us?
Thank you, God bless you.
Safe journey and come back.

Africans love to beg.
Begging starts on arrival.
Arrival Hall – begging,
During stay – begging,
Departure Hall – begging,
Begging, an African way of life.


  1. Yes, this attitude permeates every corner of the African system definitely. In the offices they ask for something in order to locate an application one submitted yesterday. That is about the only place that they follow the bible: “Ask and it shall be given unto thee”.Just keep observing our depravity…. and at one point you will bust into one unique sledge hammer, that will be permanently instructive. However, the problem of ill-application of both local and the colonists’s language are plain abysmal. Chinue Achebe confronted this Language dilemmas in African writers conference, and simply came to the conclusion that African writers had not so much choice, but to write in the foreigner’s language. This is the nature of African writer’s capacity to influence the masses. I am presuming that the percentages of African populations that can read effectively in their local major languages must be infinitesimal as such. Worst still, absorb ideas ans ideals in that language will be worst. Where do we go from here?

    1. Written African Languages are less than 200 years old. Their vocabularies are limited and most Africans prefer foreign languages as evidence of “education.”

  2. To crown it all the begging going on in the country right now is of immense magnitude. Begging for employment, door to door begging of food items, begging for the settlement of hospital bills, in short corporate begging in all ramifications.
    Personally, I am of the opinion that this trend started and came to be Instituted as a result of the elite haves expecting the illiterate haves not to beg for everything even things that fall under their rights. This apparently became a clear way of getting things and eventually metamorphosed into a well organised system. No wonder every transport park is daily besieged by beggars. I believe that those who live beggarly lives are also very shameless and lazy.

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