Democratic President, Republican Legislature.
Republicans disavow legitimacy of President,
Refuse to hold hearings on Presidential Appointees.
Republicans refuse to attend any State Dinner.
Republicans put Legislation, Appointments on hold,
For eight long years, while waiting for a Republican President
To advance a strict Republican Agenda.

Republican President, Republican Legislature.
Disinvite Democrats to classified meetings.
Appoint Republican Supreme Court Judges.
Propagate Republican view as American.
Label Democratic view as “Fake.”
Is America, Republican or Democratic?
Continuing a bad entirely partisan Presidential Precedence.

Democratic President, Democratic Legislature.
Disinvite Republicans to classified meetings.
Appoint Democratic Supreme Court Judges.
Honor all invitations to State Events.
Label Republican view as “Dangerous.”
Is America, Republican or Democratic?
No, we are just following precedence.

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