It takes an animal to brave the oceans,
Pacific on the West and Atlantic on the East,
To settle in the American wilderness.
It takes an animal to settle amongst,
Warring indigenous Indian tribes.

America was a haven for wild animals,
Until “Humanimals” started arriving.
Human animals eliminated billions,
Of passenger pigeons and almost,
Eliminated millions of buffalo.

New immigrating human animals,
Have to scale the border wall,
Outmaneuver ICE agents and Police,
Emboldened by Trumpian politics.
Only animals can endure such indignities.

I agree with Trump that immigrants,
Are indeed human animals,
As only human animals can,
Wave off labeling as shit holes, bad ombres,
And still flock to America.

As the African proverb says,
When you point one finger at someone,
Four fingers are pointing at you.
Ain’t most American citizens,
Descendants of immigrating animals?

Making us all animals,
Excepting the Indians Natives,
Who were at peace with animals,
Until human animals arrived.
Wiping out the native animals.

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