Awakened by loud noises
Moon illuminating room
Tall gangly figures in flowing attire
Speaking in foreign tongues.

Pointing at us as if
Selecting from brood of chicken
For slaughter, cooking
And enjoying.

Long knives glittered
Long guns pointing at us
As executioners would
I bolted through the window.

Windows always cracked
For ventilation in the tropics
Now a lifesaver
As shots rang out.

The night and my agility
Made them miss
My parents not as quick
Were butchered as chicken.

Dawn eventually arrived
Bedroom became an abattoir
Intestines, body parts strewn
All over the room.

What type of human
Would kill a fellow human
And carve up the body
As if for grilling?

Terrorists disguised
As herdsmen
Who want your land
For their cows.

2 thoughts on “TERROR

  1. They are blood suckers whom have sold their hearts to the devil. They drink blood and feast on flesh.

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