Too shy to confront her
Meeting arranged by cousin
Shy to express your feelings for her
The sheepish smile and mumbling
Was all the clue that she needed.

Why didn’t you say it?
Was that why you were always
Staring at me as a trophy?
Now you have your trophy
What are you going to do with it?

Glad that you accepted my love
I feel elevated and ecstatic
Thank you, thank you!
Just want to hold your hands
And whisper little thoughts.

The kissing can wait
After all, I waited months
Can we have some ice cream?
What about a walk in the park?
My one and only love.

Can’t wait to inundate your mailbox
With long platonic missives
Maybe a little ballroom dancing
And then “wholesale” dancing
The kissing can wait.

Innocent, young, sweet love
Those were the days of
Innocence, honor, and integrity.
Love has become commercialized,
Disposable, and detached.

“Wholesale” dancing – close body to body dancing.

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