Loud cacophonous crowd

Chasing victim through alleys

Through traffic, through people 

Victim running for dear life.


Stones, rocks, broken bottles 

Hurled at victim in flight

Some on target, some hitting bystanders 

The chase goes on for minutes, if not hours.


Exhausted, victim is cornered 

Discarded tire hung on his neck

Clobbered with clubs and sticks

Twigs, brush, and paper added.


The human bonfire is set alight

What was the crime?

Supposedly stole a loaf of bread

To break his fast of four days.


Politicians steal billions 

And get rewarded with titles

Honorary Doctors of Robbery – HDR

And not jungle injustice!

2 thoughts on “JUNGLE INJUSTICE.

  1. Jungle justice the worst form of justice usually dished out by “Saints”. No wonder Jesus șaid that if you know that you are free from crime that you should be the first to throw the stone at the woman that was being charged for adultery, everyone walked away but now it is even the offender that will be the first to cast the stone. What a world of conscience less people.

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