Christians used the Bible to enslave and rape Africa.
Islamists used the Quran to rape and enslave Africa.
Islamic rape and slavery, more brutal than Christian.
Black physical slavery, still rampant in the Arab World.
Soft Black slavery, still rampant in the Christian World.
There ends the similarities in Religion and oppression.
Islamists, now killing African Christians for fun.
Convert to Islam, cede your land, or die.
Islamic cows more precious than African Christians.
Do Western Christians care about converted African “Pagans?”

No, No, No, and a resounding No.
Christian Serbs fight White Islamic Albanians, Bosnians, and Kosovars.
Bill Clinton sends in Stealth Fighters, Stealth Bombers, and Stealth Money.
Christian NATO, joins to bring the Serbs to their knees.
To rescue, defend and protect the White Islamic Albanians, Bosnians, and Kosovars.
Coverage of Serb atrocities, inundate Western Christian airwaves.
Christian US President defending White Islamists.
Will a Christian US President defend African Christians,
From murderous Islamic Jihadist Terrorists?
Black lives, do not matter in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, or Australia.

Obama and Axelrod installed Islamist President Buhari of Nigeria.
Buhari acquiescing, aiding, and ignoring Islamic Terrorists,
Massacring, maiming, and mutilating Nigerian Christians.
Making bonfire of Churches and Religious Artifacts,
Buoyed by clandestine and overt support by Arab Islamists.
Arab Islamists support Islamic causes worldwide.
Aim to have the World under one big Islamic Crescent.
Western Christians love for Arab Oil must be,
Stronger than their love for African Christians.
Western Christians do not care about African Christians.

Islamic Fighters in the Philippines aided by Saudi Arabia.
Rohingya Islamic Fighters, financed by Saudi Arabia.
Tabital Pulaaku International, aiding Nigerian Jihadists.
Foreign Islamic Aid, flowing to Central African Jihadist Fighters.
Are the European and American Christians aiding African Christians?
Western Christians, whose Nations were built by Christian African Slaves,
With African natural resources and unpaid African labor.
Abandoning their erstwhile African Christian benefactors,
Sinful, despicable, and hateful for Western Christians.
Is the Christian God asleep, sick, docile, or scared?

Makes one wonder if Western Christians are real Christians,
Or traders and merchants who stole Africa, and Africans blind,
Using the Old Testament and then presenting,
The New Testament to prevent African retribution.
Or are Black African Christians, not Christians,
In the commercialized Western Christian view?
Because they are not so easily exploitable as in the colonial era.
Or does the Islamic God care more about Black African Islamists,
Than the Christian God cares about Black African Christians.
Western Christians, after Africa, you may be next for Islamic conquests.

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