He crowned and installed him as President,
Using his goodwill in the South West.
Despite Alhaji Buhari’s antecedents as a tyrant,
Waving away the wise counsel of erudite Yorubas,
Ignoring the Afonja-Alimi betrayal and misgivings,
Tinubu insisted on foisting a dud on Nigerians.
Blame Tinubu, not the clueless Buhari.

Tinubu’s insatiable greed for power and wealth,
Has created a political nightmare for Nigerians,
Turning the country into a killing field,
For Buhari and his fellow cattle herders.
With Buhari as head of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Herders,
Cows, now more precious than Nigerians.
Blame Tinubu for the killings, not Buhari.

Buhari as military tyrant used retroactive laws,
To execute non-Fulanis for non-capital offenses,
And you think he will follow the law as civilian dictator?
No, Buhari uses the Army as the Police,
And uses the Police to disarm intended victims,
Of the relentless Jihad, waged on Nigerians.
Blame Tinubu, not Buhari.

A President without WASC.
A President without PSC.
A President who does not know the value of money.
As military tyrant, gifted $75 million to the French.
Now, he is gifting billions to Maina, Babachir, and Baru.
Millions to his sons, Boko Haram, and Fulani Sycophants.
Leave Buhari alone, blame Tinubu.

To cap it all, Tinubu offers Pastor Professor Osinbajo,
As Buhari’s deputy and errand boy.
Hey, Alhaji Tinubu, are you out of your mind?
An errand boy who cannot challenge you,
Is expected to moderate a tyrant?
When the tyrant is armed and dangerous.
Blame Tinubu, not Buhari for Nigeria’s woes.

Buhari locks Osinbajo out of meetings,
Threatens to physically punish him.
A wimpy Pastor, no match for an armed herdsman.
Osinbajo, instead of resigning honorably,
Sits tight doing what Pentecostal Pastors do,
Collecting tithes and praying that the bullet misses.
Tinubu, why Buhari out of 180 million Nigerians?

Tinubu, you may still redeem yourself.
Lack of WASC is reason to disqualify Buhari for re-election.
Have a surrogate file a lawsuit in Federal Court,
Challenging his qualifications to contest.
Given his maltreatment of the Federal Judiciary,
This case will rule against Buhari, disqualifying him,
Before Nigeria goes up in flames.


    1. But not to the same magnitude. When a fully sighted person permits a blind driver to navigate an automobile, who is more culpable after the inevitable crash?
      It is the fully sighted person who in reality is blinder than the blind.

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