The only solution for ending racism/hatism is the destruction of the world by thermonuclear explosions, a meteor, or by one of the religious Gods. I have used Gods because the Christian God is not the Buddhist God and vice versa. If there were one God, why would God tolerate the different religions and all the killings going on in God’s name?

The God as espoused by these monotheistic Religions is too compassionate, accommodating, kind, and loving to overlook the penury, injustice, unjustified killings, and generally, the mayhem in the World. The concept of God giving us freewill may be the most illogical and counterintuitive concept in Religion. It is akin to a parent leaving a murderous ten-year old child to go on a killing spree, until apprehended and judged at age eighteen.

Since God gave us freewill, it is not unreasonable to infer that we should give our children freewill to develop into any character they prefer and judge them as adults. Quite a few children see their parents as Gods. Therefore, the analogy is not farfetched. This concept of freewill is used to explain the essentially evil nature of human beings despite the abundance of religion and religiosity.

Africastallestman started doubting the concept of freewill, when God stopped the completion of the Tower of Babel that would have brought Man face to face with God. Does freewill not include the freewill to build a tower to meet God? If God wanted to protect God’s turf from invasion by Man, why would God permit humans to invade and essentially eliminate other humans as the Europeans did under the guise of exploration and discovery? How can one explore and discover all that God has created? Since God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnicompetent, humans can never discover and explore all of God’s creations. Could the scientists’ theory of an expanding universe be God trying to throw a wrench into our discoveries and explorations by creating more things?

Racists/Hatist humans will explain their actions as the advantage conferred on their race by God. Non-Racist/Hatist members of the same race will ascribe the evil actions of members of their race to freewill or the Devil. The Devil is a surrogate for freewill. Since God supposedly created the Devil, he must also have created freewill.

A religiously fanatical Christian, Moslem, Buddhist or otherwise is more likely to kill over a strongly held belief or disbelief than a nominal religionist. They are also more likely to harshly criticize non-members of their religion than members of their religion over similar transgressions. Freewill means freewill and includes murders either for pleasure or in God’s name.

Racism/hatism could be explained as freewill conferred on Man to choose evil or good. Since no one has met God, the freewill believers may even argue that racism/hatism may not be abhorrent to God. With a good lawyer in the Afterlife, racists/hatists may go unpunished.

Their defense may be: “God, you gave us freewill to do as we please, why did God not give us goodwill? Why did You not stop us as You stopped us from building the Tower of Babel?” A heavenly jury may acquit the misanthropes. Remember that the Ku Klux Klan has Christian origins.

Therefore, endure your sufferings and wait on God(s) to extract confessions and punishments from your oppressors. That is if God thinks they have transgressed.

Only a Human God or God created by human imaginations would stand idly by and observe, supposedly with glee, man’s inhumanity to man. Isn’t it time man created a new God or Gods to explain the complexity of the world? Could there be Gods with equal powers waging turf battles and creating the mayhem in the world?

This may be a more plausible explanation. Man is subsequently at the mercy of the Gods who may desire to toy with humans as they please.

On the other hand, is Man an essentially evil being that cooperates with other humans to create an advantage for self or all?

A group of cavemen armed with sharply pointed rocks are more likely to dispatch Tyrannosaurus Rex and eat it for dinner, than one man armed with a cloves-capped spear. As soon as T. Rex is dispatched and eaten, the cavemen will resume fighting amongst themselves for all types of advantages. Modern man is no different from the cavemen in these respects.

The concept of freewill compounds the inherent racist and hatist nature of man. Elimination of freewill and replacing it with choices and ownership of actions will go a long way in creating a just and egalitarian society. God did not give us freewill; we gave ourselves freewill or is it bad will to commit atrocities.

Africastallestman wishes to see a world where goodwill replaces freewill. This may signal the beginning of the end for racism/hatism. It means “do unto others as you would want done unto you, murder-suicides excluded.”

5 thoughts on “CAN RACISM/HATISM END?

  1. There has to be another God…otherwise, how could He Say: let us make man in our image ….Our is plural not singular. No science, no religion, no politics nor any thing, will bring humanity face to face with God QED

    1. And ensure that you worship your own God that loves you more than anyone else. Do not not worship a God that loves others more than you.

  2. The world is fast becoming a terrible place with many people ascribing good to bad and vice versa just to please their current situations. If their current situation changes they easily renege their former beliefs. It is just like do as you like.
    Meanwhile, I am really thankful for the enduring mercies of our God. I wonder what would have happened without His mercies.
    The summary of it all is that we should all embrace good so that the world will be very accommodating for all.

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