I have never owned slaves,
But your forebears did.
I have never lynched a black person,
But your forebears did.
We own most of the wealth in the country,
Through our hard work and ingenuity.
No, through the hard work and suffering of slaves.
Then blame my forebears, not me.

Blacks are lazy and depend on handouts.
Yea, they need a break from suffering.
After the beatings, rape, forced labor, and suffering,
Inflicted on their forebears by your forebears.
Fair to share the fruits of slave labor with slave descendants.
Do not discriminate against, exclude, execute, and segregate,
The descendants of the wealth-creating slaves.
Beneficiaries of slavery deserve the blame of slavery.

Divest yourself of the spoils of slavery.
Pay reparations to the descendants of slaves.
Apologize publicly for man’s inhumanity to man.
Accord slave descendants, same humanity,
Accorded other races but denied Blacks.
With atonement and reparations accomplished,
The blame rests with your forebears, not you.
Now, it is proper to blame your forebears, not you

4 thoughts on “BLAME MY FOREBEARS, NOT ME.

  1. They are a historical and ignorant. and live in the mansions built with the blood of Africans, See Albert Einstein speaking to whites on that issue,.

  2. Africantallestman sometimes your flow is a bit difficult to comprehend,one has to read and ponder for a better understanding. Pls can you make it easier bearing in mind that some of us are in hotter climes and may not be able to grasp the logic quickly. Thanks.

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