Is Nigeria, a real country?
A country as in a nation, united, or a demarcation on a map?
Welcome to the geographic expression or geographic gossamer.
Imagine a spider web made of silk, cotton, and jute.
A geographic web of different nations stitched by Imperial Britain.
Created to foment crisis, creating a post-colonial platform,
For continued domination and exploitation, post-independence.
A nation not at ease is easy to exploit, internally and internationally.
Welcome to Nigeria, where things have fallen apart,
And the center cannot hold anymore.
Isn’t time to restructure the gossamer?
And create separate gossamers of silk, cotton, and jute.


3 thoughts on “IS NIGERIA A COUNTRY?

    1. Why did Awo and his co-travelers agree to create the no-nation, called Nigeria, if he knew that it was a “geographic expression?” The geographic expression called India broke essentially into 3 states – India, West Pakistan, and East Pakistan (Bangladesh). This occurred 13 years before Nigeria’s Independence.

      Awo and Azikiwe as older founding fathers should not have agreed to the creation of the gossamer called Nigeria.
      The so-called Founding Fathers were so eager to replace the British as the political and economic overlords of Nigeria, and paid scant attention to the problems that they were creating for future generations.

      The South was amenable to change but the North persisted in its old feudal ways including mode of dressing and Arabic education. A collision was inevitable.
      It is time to dissolve this unholy matrimony.

  1. For the Muslims,The State is Religion and Religion is the State QED. Separation of the State and the Church is a guiding principle for Christian people,and that remains the cog on the wheel of statehood. However, some States have managed well to hold different religious peoples as respectable, and cherished citizens; in their operation, of the ship of the state. Do, remember Tafawa and Bello….they see the Southern Nigerians as nonexistent Beings.The gap is too wide and deep, particularly in EDUCATION, and Western Acculturation of the Southerners in everything, but the Muslims are thoroughly with the Arab World. Managing this, so-called Nigeria,requires higher intelligence that sees one life,one humanity, that merit respect for the dignity of man. The need for respect for the RULE of LAW , EQUALITY BEFORE the LAW and above all, freedom and liberty of all in the AVOWED establishment of the instruments of the state. When these principles are understood, then we can move ahead as a successful country in Africa, as Professor Chidozie, of the University of Nebraska, contend that: for any Black person to be respected any where in the world, Africa needs at least, one successful country. Europeans divided us in 1884-5 in Berlin, but they sure cannot come back to govern us….that will amount to RECOLONIZATION? IS THAT WHAT WE WANT?

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