Asked for pasture for their animals,
And drinking water to quench their thirst.
Request granted by gullible natives.
Murdered native Kings under guise of religion.
Strangers installed as Kings over natives.
Beginning of political and religious hegemony.

Drive Southwards checked by Tivs, Edo, and Junkuns.
Yorubas lost territory before resisting.
Unbridled greed fueling present quest for land.
Land to turn the economic giant of Africa into a cow colony.
Cows that do not produce milk, cheese, or butter,
Nor contribute significantly to export or GDP.

Used the Middle Belt to massacre Igbos.
Uses the Middle Belt for electoral dominance.
Despite the acquiescence of the Middle Belt,
To de facto slavery and servitude in their land,
Unbridled greed has reared up again.
Your land for our cattle or your life.

You can use the all of the Middle Belt some of the time.
You can use some of the Middle Belt all the time.
But you cannot use all of the Middle Belt all the time.
The time is now for the Middle Belt to resist Fulani hegemony,
Or what befell the Hausas who provided water and pasture,
Will be child’s play compared to the planned carnage.

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