President Goodluck Jonathan has huge balls.
Yet, let an unqualified Buhari contest the Presidency.
Allowed Alhaji Lie Mohammed to lie, the APC into power.
Permitted Alhaji Professor Attahiru Jega, INEC Chairman.
Manipulate the 2015 National Elections, in favor of Buhari.
Through manipulated voters’ rolls, in Northern States.
Balls that did not sanction Jonathan, Mohammed, nor Jega.
Southern Leaders, lack testicular fortitude.
Except Godsday Orubebe with two large balls.
Who alerted the world, to the political shenanigans.

Fast forward, to the Buhari Presidency,
A President with miniature balls, which he flaunts.
Top Civil Service Hierarchy and Security Chiefs, Fulanized and Islamized.
National character, jettisoned for Fulani and Islamic Character.
Fulani cows, valued more than non-Fulani Nigerians.
Islamic Terrorists tried in camera and exonerated.
Innocent school girls kidnapped and released at will.
Islamic and Jihadic Crusade, unleashed on Nation.
And gave Alhaji Lie Mohammed the signal,
To call for deregistration of protesting political parties.

Is testicular fortitude, restricted to Northern Alhaji Politicians?
Nigeria needs Southern Politicians. with testicular fortitude.
If Southern Politicians fail to use their balls,
The whole nation will be turned into one big cow colony.
Where Fulani Herders with AK-47s, keep the peace,
By killing people, who object to cow supremacy.
With Fulani cows shitting all over the colony,
The nation will be one big shit hole,
That will be the butt of jokes worldwide.
Because Southern Leaders lack, testicular fortitude.

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