Emirs emphasize it, Politicians praise it.
Teachers teach it, Pastors proselytize it.
Farmers flaunt it, Military marches on it.
Judges juggle it, Presidents pontificate on it.
United in what – Misgovernance, Hate, Greed?

Real Unity is organic, does not need embellishments.
Manifests in actions, does not need announcements.
Operates subterraneanly, does not need sloganeering.
Never emblazoned on artifacts, does not need reminders.
Real or imagined unity, needs constant augmentation.

A nation united in darkness, and firmly united in corruption.
A nation united in poverty, with Politicians united in nepotism.
Politicians united in theft cheered by Citizens united in docility.
Citizens united in sycophancy, and anesthetized by fake unity.
Fake unity used to keep citizens, in perpetual bondage.




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