Officially 81, but unofficially 90, the political cancer, Chief dr. Lieutenant General Olusegun Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo is back.

Shunned by President Goodluck Jonathan, ignored by President Muhammadu Buhari, and excised by Nigerians,

The cancer armed with a doctorate degree acquired by reading the Bible on the Internet, is seeking new political relevance.

Just as a Hollywood actress with a fading career will bear it all on the centerfolds of Playboy magazine,

Obasanjo will stage macabre public political events such as party membership card burning to gain attention.

Vanquished from the Board of Trustees by the PDP, not finding a footing in the APC, the cancer has spread to the other 36 political parties.

The Obasanjo cancer will infect and decimate this clueless bunch gathered as the Coalition for Nigeria Movement, in short order.

Failing to gain the endorsement of his preferred Presidential candidate by this Coalition, Obasanjo will dump the group for the PDP or APC.

Mugabe ruled till 97, Obasanjo can rule till 98, no one can fix Nigeria more than the megalomaniac military politician.

Any party that does not give supremacy to the cancer will soon find out how vengeful and aggressive this cancer is.

A failed third term bid metamorphoses into a Third Force that will decimate the opposition and pave the way for Buhari’s re-election.

Nigerians must find new ways of checking this incurable cancer or the cancer will kill Nigeria and Nigerians in short order.

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