All credible scientists and scientific evidence point to Africa as the origin of all humans.
Liken God to a farmer who starts planting humans from Africa and then all over the world.
Returning as a human to tend God’s plants, God avoids Africa, where he planted the first humans.
God visits God’s later creations in the Middle East and Middle Easterners in turn inform the Europeans about God’s visit.

How plausible? God as a farmer will start weeding from the first plantings – Africa and Africans.
Not only did the Almighty avoid Africa, God’s later creations were tasked with informing Africans of the visit.
Unbelievable that Africans knew about God’s coming, through European missionaries, 1800 years after the event.
Missionaries were brought by merchants to sanitize and anesthetize Africans for exploitation and conquest.
Anesthetized, Africans became easy prey to looting and pillaging of their riches of gold and commodities,
Religion was thrown in to facilitate their heist of slaves and commodities for European and American development.
After employing Christianity to rob and subjugate Africa, the Europeans are discarding Christianity.
Africa, now sending missionaries to half-empty European Churches as Europeans have abandoned Christianity for Materialism!

Would be more palatable if the Middle Easterners brought God’s message of Christianity directly to Africa?
Christianizing through third-party European Christians is unacceptable to God’s original creations.
God’s message must have been compromised and adulterated by passage through different third parties.
No message is original after almost two centuries of transmissions and retransmissions coupled with practice adaptations.

Arabs brought Islam to Africa but God never visited Arabia but spoke to Mohammed in his dreams.
Christianity is traceable to God directly through Jesus Christ who lived in the Middle East but Islam is not directly traceable.

Mohammed established Islam through wars but God established Christianity through Jesus Christ by proselytizing.
To this day, Islam is much more vicious in enslaving, raping, looting, and pillaging Africa and Africans.
Implausible, given the above scenario, God must have visited Africa, his first creation before the Middle East.
Farmers start weeding from their first plantings, Africa and Africans, before the Middle East and Europe.
God’s visit to Africa was not documented as Africans communicate, orally, and the visit was lost in translation.
African rejection and neglect of God’s message and acceptance of a foreign message are the genesis of Africa’s problem.

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