Ramrod straight as an elongated automobile piston.
Beguiling sinister smile hides a misanthropic unforgiving personality.
Values tribal cows more than humans, especially humans of a different tribe.
Would pay condolence visits to dead tribal cows but ignore dead humans of a different tribe.
Do you need more facts?

As his tribe inflicts death, disfigurements, and disasters on other tribes, he remains taciturn.
Behind closed doors, he orders security forces to disarm and round up civil defense units,
With the aim of forestalling reprisals on tribal cows and tribal cow herders.
Speech if any, is transmitted through aides of the usual garden variety, “We urge calm and restraint.”
Still guessing?

How about restraining your murderous relatives that you have armed with undocumented AK-47s?
Instead orders his Police to collect pump action rifles which are no match to AK-47s from citizens,
Exposing unarmed citizens from different tribes to unmitigated automatic fire from AK-47s.
Orders security chiefs to the scene of massacres to prevent reprisals and consolidate territorial gains by own tribe.
Still guessing?

Suppresses protestors with deadly force and chaperones sycophants with security forces.
Flouts the Constitution with utmost disdain bothering on anarchy.
Flagrantly disobeys court orders and ignores the legislature that might as well dissolve itself.
Places his religion above state and would abruptly disengage from state functions to “pray.”
You must be kidding if you still need more facts!

Your only qualification for appointment to high office is ethnic and linguistic affinity to this character.
Regularly promises Heaven to his citizens but delivers Hell surrounded by serpents.
Plays deaf and dumb to financial malfeasance by tribespeople and sycophants,
But rains fire and brimstone on opponents for accounting errors.
Come on, you know this character by now.

Do as I say but I will do the opposite of my speech.
Lacks people, management and crisis skills.
Sees power as an end in itself, not as a means to an end.
Dictatorial, arbitrary, and wicked rule portends ill for his nation.
Who am l?

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