Benin, Nigeria, March 8, 2018, Benin Monarch curses Voodoo Doctors who curse their daughters into prostitution in Europe to unravel their curses. Fear of the curse has kept these petrified and enslaved victims of the sex trade perpetually in Europe, merchandising their bodies to benefit their sponsors.

Flashback February 18, 1897, a British Punitive Expedition of 1200 men overran the Benin Kingdom, cursed the Binis with bullets, exiled King Ovonramwen to Calabar, while the Benin Voodoo Doctors did nothing. Or if they did, it was ineffective as they captured, burned, and looted Benin City.

Attack was in retaliation to a massacre of a British delegation on January 12, 1897 that left all but two men dead. The British curse came less than two months later with bullets, fire, and stealing of irreplaceable Benin artifacts. Artifacts sold all over Europe and America to recover the costs of the expedition.

Europeans curse with bullets, Africans curse with animal parts, blood, and leaves.
European curses are lethal, African curses are ineffective. Has the modern African learned that Africans can only curse Africans? No, and they have no answers to Western curses, but continue to believe in African curses.

Assuming that the British invaded Benin by surprise, the Benin Voodoo Doctors could still have cast their spell after the battle. Did these Charlatans melt into the vegetation when a greater curse came upon them or did, they curse the British and nothing happened?

Were they so petrified that they forgot their voodoo rituals or that their voodoo was ineffective? While the British continued to prosper and sold Benin artifacts for profit, the Voodoo Doctors of Benin have turned their voodoo on their daughters. These Fake Voodoo Doctors must be consigned into the thrash of history.

What type of Voodoo Doctor will condemn a blood relative to eternal prostitution but would not use same voodoo to curse the British and recover stolen Benin artifacts? Only fake Voodoo Doctors qualify. Why would African Voodoo only work on Africans whereas European and Eastern voodoo do not discriminate?

The Chief Voodoo Doctor, the Oba to perpetuate the nonsensical myth, is cursing his fellow voodooists, instead of exposing the shambolic rituals. When a Western educated monarch encourages and propagates voodooism in his kingdom, there is indeed no hope for Africa.

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