An 80-year old man banging a 17-year old female,
Is 57 and not 80.
Similarly, an 80-year old woman banging a 17-year old male,
Is 57, and not 80.
French President Emmanuel Macron is 40 years old,
And banging a 64-year old female.
Therefore, French President Emmanuel Macron is 52 years old.
And not 40 years old as reported.

Sex improves age.
The more the difference in age,
The more the older person gets younger.
The formula is to halve the age of the older partner,
Add to the age of the younger partner to get,
The new age of the older partner.

To increase your age, date older people.
To reduce your age, date younger people.
Muslims have it right, they marry young women.
King David had it right,
He only wanted young women in his old age.
Sex can improve age!

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