On 11 February, 1961, English-speaking Southern Cameroon,
Shunned English-speaking Nigeria and Britain,
And threw their lot with French-Speaking Cameroon.
Nigeria was appalled, Britain was aghast.
Now the French romance is over.
And reality has set in for English-speaking Cameroonians.
French Cameroonians are killing English Cameroonians,
With weapons supplied by Emmanuel Macron’s French Government.

Britain, once shunned is silent.
English-speaking Cameroonian refugees,
Flock into a Nigeria, already ravaged by terrorists – Fulani and Boko Haram.
Emmanuel Macron, stop the killings in the name of humanity.
Elegant speeches and globetrotting won’t suffice.
Fly into Yaoundé and warn the Dictator Paul Biya to cease and desist.
Is Africa part of your new global order?
Finally, a new plebiscite is overdue for English-speaking Cameroonians.

President Macron forget about Venezuela for now.
Cameroon is burning, more killed in Cameroon in one day,
Than in Venezuela in five years.
Cameroon is French, Venezuela is Spanish.
In the Trumpian fashion, French before Spanish.
The Cameroonian crisis was hatched in Berlin in 1885.
Where Europe carved up Africa like hyenas devouring a dead elephant.
Solving the Cameroonian crisis, is atonement for France.

President Macron, your silence is complicity,
In the rape, maiming, and murder of English-speaking Cameroonians.
Get off your high horse and stop the killings.
When a parent refuses to restrain a wayward child,
The parent is equally guilty of heinous crimes committed by the child.
If English-speaking Cameroonians were killing French-speaking Cameroonians,
You would have mobilized the Foreign Legion.
“If you condone injustice, injustice will condemn you.”

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