African and Caribbean nations are shitholes,
Because African American Politicians in the US,
Are sit tight politicians, more concerned with re-Election,
Than the welfare of Africans and Afro-Caribbeans.
Senators Booker and Harris outraged at Trump’s shithole comments.
Shouldn’t they be outraged at the looting, carnage, and impunity,
By shithole dictators in Africa and the Caribbean?

Where is the outrage at US arms sales to African and Caribbean dictators?
Have Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris,
Ever held up Senate confirmation hearings, until Trump stops arms sales to dictators?
Have Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris,
Ever urged Trump to institute travel bans and freeze assets of murderous dictators,
In Nigeria, South Sudan, D R Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroon, and Egypt?
Without dictators, Africa will not be a shithole continent.

Publicly quizzing a knowledge-deficient Cabinet Secretary is theatrics.
If you want African and Caribbean nations out of their shitholes,
The US must change her policies, which favor dictators in Africa and the Caribbean.
Dictators enrich themselves while impoverishing their people.
Dictators favored by West as one business stop.
Whereas democracy means several business stops – legislature, institutions, and people.
Dictators in conjunction with Western Businesses leave shitholes after rip-offs.

No hypocritical democratic outrage will lift African and Caribbean countries,
Out of shitholes created by Colonialism, Slavery, and Western Businesses.
Channel your outrage towards legislation, and reparations to benefit Africa and the Caribbean.
Sanctions, travel bans, and asset seizure are tools to lift Africa and the Caribbean,
Out of the shitholes created by dictators, armed by the West into cuntholes,
That will benefit Africa, the Caribbean, and humanity.
Who does not prefer a cunthole to a shithole?

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