A new Nigerian tribe has emerged, it is the Hausa-Igbo tribe. Members of this tribe speak Igbo and Hausa. They dress like Hausa especially outside Igboland. When conversing with an Igbo person, and a Hausa person appears on the scene, Hausa-Igbos will switch to speaking Hausa.

Hausa-Igbos are selfish, shameless, and rapacious.
They have a price for everything:
1. Honor.
2. Votes.
3. Murders.
4. Lies.
5. Second term.
6. Third term.
7. Etc, etc.

In fact, money can induce a Hausa-Igbo to overlook harm and injury (bodily and property) caused by Hausa-Fulani policies to themselves, their families, and the Igbo tribe. Hausa-Igbos with the right financial inducement will praise their erstwhile Hausa-Fulani tormentor as a hero. They may award the tormentor several useless Igbo sounding titles.
They also organize useless events to award undeserving recognitions to the tormentors of real Igbo people. Such titles include Best President, Best Governor, Best Minister, Highest Esteemed Senator, etc.

Hausa-Igbos join Ohaneze to deliver the Igbos for a price to the Hausa-Fulanis for continued domination. Hausa-Igbos once appointed into inconsequential offices by their Hausa-Fulani masters, claim to be Igbo leaders and don the Igbo redcap over their Hausa-Fulani attires.

Igbos are advised to watch out for these sinister characters. If a real Igbo person runs into a Hausa-Igbo person, raise an alarm, and scamper away in the opposite direction. Hopefully the alarm will alert other real Igbos to the presence of a saboteur in their midst and avoid the odious character.

Some Hausa-Igbos have become emergency Islamic Alhajis in the hope of picking up more crumbs from the Hausa-Fulani dinner table.
To cap it all, a group of Hausa-Igbos purporting to be Igbo leaders gathered in Abuja recently to affirm their support for a Buhari second term.

Africastallestman’s question is:
When will the Yorubas, Tivs, Ijaws, and Kanuris gather in Abuja to endorse another four years of ineptitude, murder, and corruption?
Now you see why they are Hausa-Igbo and not Igbo.


    1. The HausaIgboYorubaEdoIdomaFulani tribe may be the only hope of stability in Nigeria. Nigerian tribes need to be integrated some how for stability and progress. The original tribes may eventually become the insignificant minorities.

      1. Integration under Fulani hegemony. You tow the line or we kill you. Why not IgboHausa tribe? Why are all the Emirs in the North Fulani? Is it in the Quran?

        Any time, a Northern Presidential Candidate is sought, must it be Fulani? What Of Tivs, Kanuris, Gwaris, and Idomas? Why are cows worth more than humans.

        Fulanis do not seek integration but domination. They settle in your midst and when they have the numbers, they will start killing the natives.
        You cannot be at peace with people raping, maiming, and killing your kit and kin with Governmental Support. Government supports the killings because the present Fulani dominated government wants to turn Nigeria into a cattle colony. It was ranches earlier but now colonies.

        After the British left, I guess the Fulani will colonize Nigeria. They are pushing their luck too far. Nigeria must learn from Ghana and ban roaming cattle. They make the country a shithole.

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