Nigerians, growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, have fond memories of APC tablets which were widely available without a prescription. When the dangers of indiscriminate use of APC were recognized by the public because it contained Codeine, a narcotic, it fell out of favor. Move aside APC, in comes APAP, Acetaminophen, or Paracetamol.

When a political party decides to resurrect the name of an out-of-favor medication and label herself a change agent, the electorate should pay attention. It is like repackaging old sour wine in new casks and selling them as new. Buyer beware! When old, greedy, and incompetent politicians of all colors and flavors banded together under the APC banner and promised Nigerians change, a few critical analysts warned about the looming deceit.

The same characters presiding over the murder of non- Muslim Nigerians by Fulani Herdsmen, economic recession, unbridled corruption, poverty, and moral depravity is now promising Restructuring in its second term.
Will the APC be restructuring dead or living Nigerians? Apparently, the APC does not know the difference between the living and the dead. She has just appointed 8 dead people to run the affairs of living Nigerians.

Africastallestman urges all Nigerians to vote all 2019 APC candidates into the political graveyard so the dead can govern the dead.

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