As vicious and murderous Fulani Herdsmen,
Continue to carve paths of destruction,
Of humans, farms, and property across Benue State.

Where is Paul Unongo?
He is busy carrying water for his Fulani bosses,
And fighting restructuring with the last drop of his blood.

Where is David Mark, an Army General?
He has abandoned his people,
Just as he declared properties of Nigerians as abandoned property.

Where is Audu Ogbeh?
The clueless octogenarian is busy advocating a €6 daily subsidy for Fulani cows.
Yea, Audu Ogbeh claims that European cows get €6 daily subsidy, why not Fulani cows?

Are European cows herded by nomadic cattle rearers?
Do Fulani cows produce milk and butter?
Is the uninformed Audu Ogbeh aware that the Europeans also subsidize farm crops.

Fulani cows in Nigeris are foreign non-dairy cattle.
Europe subsidizes European dairy cows, not foreign beef cattle.
And imports beef from Brazil, Argentina, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Where is Gabriel Suswam?
He has so many corruption cases,
That the killings of his people may be a good distraction.

Where is Samuel Ortom?
He may be at Abuja, endorsing and re-endorsing Buhari.
Your Tiv and Idoma Ancestors who fought the Fulani murderer, Uthman Dan Fodio are churning in their graves.

Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, stop writing open, closed, and semi-open letters to Buhari,
Use your Presidency of the African Leadership Institute to write the UN and ICC,
So Buhari can have his day at The Hague with Slobodan Milošević, Charles Taylor, Slobodan Praljak, Ratko Mladić and Radovan Karadžić.

For present day Tivs and Idomas, there is more honor in acquiescing to injustice,
To secure a sinecure for self and family than in fighting injustice.
When did money become thicker than blood? – Ask the Tiv and Idoma politicians.


  1. Nothing so dramatic. The Benue people are getting their comeuppance after their actions during the civil war. Shebi they said that they populate the rank and file of the Nigerian army? Let see how that helps them. This is not about stopping trains at the Benue River to hunt and kill Biafrans. This is now about ethnic cleansing in reverse. The hunter has become the hunted and alas he has no notion of how to defend himself and his clan.

  2. Tallest even from any height you can see clearly no matter how others try to hide the minutest anti-masses action. Keep fit.

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