There is a schizophrenic country off the coast of West Africa called Anajiri, that is so united that its coat of arms bears the word unity. With so much national emphasis on unity, one would expect to see a country where the inhabitants, can freely roam the country, settle anywhere in the country, and run for elective offices anywhere in the country. In this united country, someone born in Farce State and then moves to Frivolous State; and lives in Frivolous state for 50 years is still considered a stranger in Frivolous State. This individual is not permitted to live in the same sections of towns in Frivolous State with the so-called owners or indigenes of Frivolous State.

Periodically, the so-called indigenes of Frivolous State will gang up with the connivance and acquiescence of the elite of Frivolous State and burn properties, rape women, kill and maim indigenes of Anajiri who are not from Frivolous State.
The victims are not compensated financially. If there are no qualified candidates to fill vacant positions in Frivolous State, expatriates who are unqualified are employed to fill the positions. If no expatriates are willing to take the position, then people from Farce State but residing in Frivolous State are employed on contract even if they have spent their entire lives in Frivolous State. This hateful arrangement was conceived, nurtured, and delivered during the Hypotonic colonial rule!

Anajiri was a colony of Hypotania until it got its independence in 1960. The leadership of Anajiri either remains silent or issues a call for prayers to unite the country after such wanton destruction of human lives and property. Anajirians have been praying for water, food, telephones, electricity, and roads since the 1970’s and their prayers have not been answered. One uneducated general who ruled Anajiri in the 1970’s once remarked that the country had so much money that it did not know what to do with it. Instead of providing the badly needed infrastructure that is the bedrock of any civilization, he decided to stage festivals, pay bonuses to workers, and even paid the wages of foreign countries.

Now, he has formed an organization called “Anajiri Prays” that would build infrastructure by prayers and unite the country through prayers. Another of his compatriot who was given an oil block and who got stupendously rich also complained bitterly that he did not know what to do with the money. I hear you General, the money does not belong to you but to the inhabitants of the Anajiri’s Delta Region who have been and are still being ravaged economically and environmentally by oil exploration activities.

A country such as Anajiri that does not practice unity and whose unity was bestowed on it by its former colonial ruler, Hypotania as a punishment, should find ways of either uniting or disuniting and not remain in the schizophrenic state of “mis-unity.” Another illiterate former President of Anajiri had the balls to say that the unity of Anajiri will survive any crisis and reads off lists of crises that the country had withered from a written script. At a point in the interview, he had to be reminded of what was on the script before him by an aide! This former ruler is so sanctimoniously clean that his former penniless senior domestic assistant (houseboy) became a dollar billionaire after serving him in office for 8 years. He practiced a type of corruption called quid pro quo corruption. I give you an inflated contract of one billion dollars and you donate 200 million dollars to my “nonprofit” foundation, that is managed by my family. What this uneducated former general forgot is that crises sap the energy and resources of countries and impedes development especially when human and material resources are destroyed, without any identifiable goal as the reason for the crises. The effect of crises is even more pronounced in mono-resource countries such as Anajiri, which is solely dependent on oil. Uniting Anajiri could be likened to uniting oil and water. You can unite oil and water by whipping them together but once you stop whipping them, they separate. The colonial Hypotanic whip kept Anajiri together. When Hypotania disengaged from governance of Anajiri after independence in 1960, the gossamer started unraveling.

The so-called fathers of Anajiri were young, naive, narcissistic individuals who were more interested in creating their own sinecures. These elites were united in their quest to rape Anajiri economically, educationally, culturally, religiously, and politically. The sham unity never extended to the masses. In fact, the disunited masses was the basis for their ascent to power. When Chief Dr. Sir Jamis Fraudulo from Farce State tells his people that Alhaji Dr. Mohammed Otahuma from Frivolous State is trying to steal their birthright, the people of Farce State will unite behind Chief Dr. Sir Jamis Fraudulo who now goes clandestinely to Alhaji Dr. Mohammed Otahuma, to negotiate a deal that makes both of them fabulously rich, leaving the scraps for the people of both states. Anajiri has the highest rate of fake qualifications in the world, a trend started by the founding politicians of Anajiri to boost their own personal ego, as one famous Anajirian would put it. This mad quest for meaningless fake qualifications continues amongst Anajirians today.

The result of this unholy and contrived unity is still evident in Anajiri today. The descendants of the founding fathers are still united in raping the country and converting public wealth to private wealth. Since self-rule was given to Anajirians in 1957, politics has become the fastest way to riches. Polithiefians employ violence, religious and tribal differences, consulting with all types of religious actors, and voodooists to secure elective, legislative, or executive positions in Government. These executive and legislative actors earn more than any similarly placed individuals in the world and never pass any meaningful legislation, to improve the lives of their electorate during their tenure. The same names that governed Anajiri in the 1970’s are the same names that govern today.
It is common to encounter 80-year-old ministers, governors and legislators in Anajiri. Africastallestman will defend good old people anywhere as wisdom is a product of age but someone who is morally bankrupt at age 40, will be morally demented and fantastically bankrupt at age 80. This is a lethal combination for any country.

For Anajirians to unite, they need a leader at the helm, who is educated, cosmopolitan, truthful, intelligent, and ready to die for his/her country. Africastallestman knows such a leader but are Anajirians ready for a real change and not a slogan of change?

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