Any Nigerian who thinks that President Muhammadu Buhari is doing a good job mismanaging Nigeria needs to have a head examination by psychiatrists or voodoo doctors.
Anyone who criticizes his administration is an “armed robber” to be hunted down by the rogue police unit named SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad) and its cohort EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission).
Criticism is robbery while documented heists of public money is business as usual.
Buhari is robbing Nigeria of good leadership and should be arrested.
Tinubu and Osinbajo are accomplices in this robbery.

Shouldn’t these units, Special Arrest Response Squad (SARS) and Enforcing Fraudulent Criminal Complaints (EFCC) be hunting and arresting the looters ensconced in this APC maladministration, that are roaming free?
Buhari has Bright Chimezie and several IPOB loyalists jailed without trial for years – where are the Nigerian lawyers?

The recent arrest of Daniel Elombah, a blogger and his brother deserves worldwide condemnation. Buhari jails without charges or trials. Do you need another definition of a dictator?
The election of unreconstructed military dictators into public offices must cease.
The next administration must punish those who are ordering these wanton acts of impunity and those who carried out the acts.

The wanton, indiscriminate, and heinous killings, rape, and maiming of defenseless children, women, and men who are mainly Christians and farmers, by itinerant Fulani Herdsmen qualifies as a crime against humanity. President Muhammadu Buhari as the patron saint of the cattle rearers’ trade union, Miyetti Allah, has not seen or heard of any of these killings which continually fill the world airwaves and grace every Nigerian paper. If he claims dementia, blindness, and deafness, at his trial, the question should be: “Why did you not resign?” There will be no excuses when Buhari is docked at The Hague for crimes against humanity including genocide.

There must be a “Nuremberg-type trial” in 2019 for Buhari and his co-travelers, or impunity will become the order of the land.
Those who voted for Buhari should go for confessions or atone for their sins in their preferred methods.

Arrest Buhari before he arrests Nigeria’s development.
Impunity and rule of unlawfulness must end.
Does Nigeria have a Northern Muslim Assembly,
Or a Nigerian National Assembly?
Africastallestman wants to know.


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