“The President himself is chairing the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure and the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority.”

Eight corpses have been appointed board chairmen or board members by President Muhammadu Buhari. The number of corpses in the new boards will continue to increase. Add the number of walking dead, and you have a bountiful harvest of moribund organizations purporting to serve the public interest.

Nigerians should prepare for collapsing bridges and Chernobyl-type nuclear disasters. Dead builders are not worried about safety as they are dead. A President without a WASC chairing these critical bodies is a time bomb that must explode.

Currently, President Muhammadu Buhari is also Oil Minister and there is scarcity of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) and palm oil.
There must be hidden pots of money in these bodies for the President to arrogate to himself the leadership of these critical organizations.

The Nigerian National Assembly must step in and stop the financial malfeasance by denying funding to those bodies until they are properly constituted.

Africastallestman is watching the unsavory developments closely.

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