Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State gave his state workers a public holiday to celebrate the miraculous recovery of President Muhammadu Buhari from deafness. Apparently, the deafness has returned because he still does not hear the general dissatisfaction with his regime. Or could it be that Jubrin also needs to be treated.

Observers were mocking the Governor for his rash decision to pull a holiday out of his turban. The Governor was trying to avoid paying salaries to state employees who are being owed as much as 21 (twenty one) months arrears of salary. “The bag was let out of the cat,” when a high ranking government official committed suicide after the wife delivered a set of triplets. Coming after 17 years of marriage and obviously assisted by medical technology, the man’s finances were depleted. He withdrew the last 30,000 Naira in his account, gave it to his wife and hung himself.

The State Government in response to the suicide claimed that:
1. The deceased falsified his age.
2. He was owed 8 months arrears of salary and not 11 months.
3. He violated a state law stating that no employee should commit suicide if arrears are less than 24 months.
4. His wife may face charges to giving birth to triplets.
5. She may also be prosecuted for facilitating the suicide of the husband.

Kogi State Senator Dino Melaye who is facing a recall because of incompetence and corruption was so much moved by the plight of workers in his state that he organized his fellow senators. They donated 1260 bags of rice to feed the hungry civil servants. What about cutting your bloated salaries and allowances, which are over 2,000,000 dollars a year? The yearly salary of of one senator can pay all Kogi State Civil Servants for one month! The security vote of the Kogi State Governor will pay his state workers with some extra to spare. He pockets the security vote as Lokoja, Kogi State becomes the new kidnap capital of the world.


Kogi Govt: We Owe the Man Who Committed Suicide 8 Months Salary

After an all-day meeting of the Kogi State Executive Council, the state governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has decreed that the following holidays be observed in Kogi State to reduce the salary arrears:
1. World Cup qualification by Nigeria.
2. Any international match won by a Nigerian team.
3. Arsenal win.
4. Okorocha unveiling a statue.
5. EFCC recovers 1 billion Naira or more.
6. One month of Ramadan Holiday.

Africastallestman understands that, aggrieved state residents are planning a recall of their incompetent governor.

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