Land of the midnight sun.
Home of tall, blond, and blue-eyed people.
Best speakers of English as a second language.
Best healthcare delivery system in the world.
Number one in non-discrimination.

Best place to be a parent,
No smacking of children allowed.
Old people love this place,
However keep old people away from,
The world’s fastest production car.

Awards the yearly Nobel Prizes,
In Chemistry, Literature, Physics, Physiology, and Medicine.
But none for dead collaborators, which is cruel,
But go ask a dead Alfred Nobel,
If you can find him.


Home of IKEA, H&M, ABBA, and Absolut.
Most widely distributed vodka in the world.
Biggest ice hotel in the world.
Leading exporter of chart music.
Fun loving people.

Very generous and humanistic people.
Gives more per capita in foreign aid,
Than any other country.
Wish that more countries,
Would emulate this exemplary country.






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