Founded by immigrant prisoners.
Now, imprisons new immigrants offshore.
Paid a hefty compensation for violating rights,
Of imprisoned immigrants including children.
Would rather dump immigrants in other countries.

Released prisoners vented their anger,
On the aboriginal inhabitants of the land,
Raping, maiming, enslaving, and killing many.
Discrimination against aborigines continues.
Aboriginal wrongs still not being addressed.

Longest period without recession for any country.
Giant in commodity export to Asia.
Big in livestock export to the world.
Diverse landscape, fauna, and flora.
Has a hopping mammal as mascot.

Beautiful coastlines with natural harbors.
World famous opera house.
World’s safest national airline.
Great for tourism and adventure.
Not welcoming for automobile manufacturing.

A great country for those with the lighter skin hue.
Discriminates against darker skin hues.
Really hates praying five times a day.
As the left (old right or wrong) are in ascendancy,
The future is indeed bleak for new arrivals.


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