First the constitution was Islamized,
Next, it was *OIC enrollment.
Emboldened, twelve states islamized,
More to follow under Buhari,
Urged on by **MURIC and Alhaji Professor Ishaq Akintola.

Quranic education supplants Christian education,
Fulani herdsmen killers set loose on Christians,
Thousands of Christians killed.
Churches razed to the ground.
The carnage continues unabated.

Nigeria joins the gang of eight, ***D-8,
Islamic countries producing, exporting, or sponsoring terrorism,
Under a banner of development.
What can Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran,
Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey offer to each other, except poverty?

And exchange of terrorist ideas and ideals.
All members have a past or current,
History of terrorism with killings of thousands.
Why exclude non-Muslim countries,
Given that same members belong to the OIC?

Meetings are held in Arabic, the universal Islamic language.
With 25 terror groups spread over 8 nations,
Development will redistribute the terror groups,
Giving each member at least 3 groups.
No member should bear the burden of terrorism alone.

Nigeria, ever impatient to have 3 terror groups,
Declared IPOB a terrorist group,
To complement Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen.
With no non-Islamic nation affirming the declaration,
Nigeria has put its head in the sand of shame.

Maybe a religious restructuring will fix Nigeria’s problem.
A secular nation does not belong to parochial organizations.
Christians, wake up and form pan-African organizations,
Or the Jihadists will overrun Christianity.
Nigeria and Central African Republic are test nations.

Is Nigeria an Islamic country?

Click to access The_Expansion_of_Terrorism_in_Bangladesh.pdf

*OIC -Organization of Islamic Cooperation.
**MURIC – Muslim Rights Concern.
***D-8 – Organization for Economic Cooperation




Capped by operation D-8

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