Proud, courageous, innovative,
Industrious, talkative, generous,
Can be blinded by ambition.
Fiercely competitive and dogged in pursuing goals.
Will exploit opportunities to fullest advantage.

Seeks recognition by everyone, loves titles.
Follows money like a hound follows scent.
Puts a price on everything including life.
Puts self-interest above community interest.
May sell community for a price.

Likes center stage and the limelight.
Wants to be a leader without leadership qualities.
Equates monetary wealth with leadership.
Does not realize that good leadership,
Requires good followership.

Politically naive as money clouds judgment.
Instant gratification trumps the public good.
Impatient in alliances because seeks instant rewards.
Uses tribe for own advantage.
Political and religious prostitute.

Luckily the youths are different.
They put community and tribe above self.
Will sacrifice life for community.
Whoever thought that this transformation,
Would happen in our lifetimes.



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