Created a gold rush on the African coast.
Cradle of African Nationalism.
Pioneer of African independence.
Pioneer of pan-Africanism.
Mercurial founding President.

Rocked by series of military putsches.
Last coup sanitized the polity by bloodshed,
Caging corruption and nepotism,
Spurring an economic resurgence,
But old habits never die completely.

As memories fade and new generations emerge,
The cankerworm of corruption and nepotism,
Is rearing its ugly head once again.
Held out as a model of African resurgence.
A darling of the West.

Despite some problems,
Is light years ahead of richer African countries,
That are still mired in corruption and nepotism.
Democracy has been enthroned,
With peaceful power transitions.

Economy buoyed by recent,
Discovery of hydrocarbon fuel reserves offshore.
Her prudent management of resources,
Should be emulated by other African countries,
Despite hiccups, the future looks bright.


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